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International Support

Helping you secure patent protection in the UK, Europe and internationally.

A global approach, with international reach

Protecting your IP in the UK & Europe

When you reach the national or regional phase of your PCT patent application, you will require the support and guidance of locally based attorneys to help you navigate the UK and European patent systems. Our expertise will help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise the opportunities surrounding your IP, and we can represent you at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and European Patent Office (EPO).

Our team works with clients and their attorneys around the globe to secure IP protection at the UKIPO and EPO for their technological innovations, products and processes. We also provide a full end-to-end service for teams seeking ongoing support with the maintenance and renewal of granted patents.

If you are a patent attorney based outside of Europe (e.g., US, China, Japan) below is a detailed checklist  to help prepare for the European Regional Phase.

Detailed checklist
Article 2 JXR Lock

Securing protection worldwide

As well as supporting overseas clients to protect their intellectual property in the UK and Europe, we routinely file PCT patent applications and direct patent applications in countries around the world for UK-based clients. We will help you select the most relevant territories and deliver a commercially focused IP strategy across one or more global jurisdictions.

At the national/regional phase of your PCT application, if protection is desired in Europe, we will file the application at the European Patent Office and handle prosecution of the application through to grant. When filing in territories outside Europe in the national phase, we work closely with our network of local attorneys to file the application at the relevant patent office and instruct them throughout prosecution of the application.

Our expert team will help you identify the most appropriate routes to secure patent protection in the UK, Europe and internationally. For help with strategic decisions relating to protecting your intellectual property around the world.

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