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Life sciences

We work with industry-leading life sciences businesses across the world.

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Our in-depth understanding helps us support you

We have specialist knowledge gained from academic research as well as through our long-standing relationships with world leaders in the Life Sciences sector. Our attorneys have notable expertise in the provision, defence and enforcement of IP rights residing in numerous technological fields including therapeutic biologics, cell and gene-based therapies, precision medicine and medical devices.

Our Life sciences team works extensively with clients at the forefront of the interface between “wet-lab” life science techniques and the application of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other bioinformatic tools to provide new diagnostic and prognostic tools. Our team’s wealth of experience comes from academic and in-house environments, as well as from private practice.

Our work covers:

High Value Biologics and Biosimilars

Our team has significant experience protecting, defending and enforcing IP covering high-value biologics including new biologic molecules, antibody-drug conjugates, delivery vehicles for growth factors and other protein-based therapeutics as well as radio-labelled diagnostics. We also have considerable knowledge of the evolving biosimilar field and the patent landscapes surrounding authorised biologics. We understand the ever-evolving IP landscape of all aspects of protein manufacturing including cell culture, upstream and downstream processing and analytical and quality control techniques. Read more

Cell and Gene Therapies

We are highly experienced in protecting our clients’ IP covering inventions in the immunology field including the cell technology sector such as T-cell and gene-edited immune cell therapies. We additionally have considerable expertise in the fields of gene therapy and gene delivery systems. Our clients in these sectors include world-renowned research organisations and sector-leading publicly-listed companies. The diversity of our client base means that we are acutely aware of our clients’ differing needs and objectives and can tailor our advice accordingly. Read more


Medical Devices and Implants

Our dedicated team works with innovative start-ups and established global companies in the medical device and implant fields.  We have considerable expertise in the protection and defence of inventions in fields such as 3-D bioprinted implants, including core platform technology relating to cell scaffolds, as well as wound dressings and regenerative medicine products such as articular cartilage substitutes. Read more


Plant Biotechnology

Our attorneys have deep expertise in the field of plant biology including the use of CRISPR and other gene-editing technologies to introduce desirable traits in crop plants, navigation of the patentability or otherwise of plant selection techniques as well as obtaining protection via the Plant Variety Right system. Read more


Stratified and Precision Medicine

Our team works with a variety of clients active in the fast-growing fields of stratified and precision medicine, assisting them to protect inventions such as diagnostic tools in the oncology sector and the analysis of cell-free DNA to predict disease states. We are also well-versed in the analysis and protection of companion diagnostics associated with authorised biologics. Read more



We have specialist knowledge within the field of bioinformatics, in which data science and medicine converge to drive innovation and further our understanding of complex biological systems. Increasingly we are providing multidisciplinary teams to help our clients protect inventions which encompass medical-based techniques, bioinformatics and computer-implemented inventions such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and which are based on translation of big data into analytical tools for use in medicine. Read more


Whether you are a university spin-out or an established business, we can help you protect your intellectual property. Contact our experienced team for more information.

Client story

See how we helped a Newcastle University bioscience spin-out company develop a robust IP portfolio.

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