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Advanced engineering

Specialist knowledge of advanced engineering intellectual property


We operate at the cutting edge of the engineering sector

Our hugely experienced Advanced Engineering team has specialist knowledge gained through our work with clients such as leading global corporations in the fields of medical devices, user terminal development and energy technology. We have particular expertise in the fields of wound management and orthopaedic devices, ATMs and subsea pipelines. Other notable expertise concerns onshore and subsea technologies in general, vehicle component design and manufacture and renewable energy engineering. We advise on original patent drafting as well as prosecution and also help our clients defend their patent rights from third party attacks.

Our attorneys work across a wide range of technological fields, including automotive, aeronautical, marine and mechanical engineering and physics. Many of our attorneys have multiple degrees in a related scientific subject which has in many cases been enhanced by practical experience working in academic and in-house environments, as well as private practice. In addition to the team’s technical expertise in the advanced engineering field we have extensive experience advising clients on the nuanced approach often needed at the UKIPO and EPO when protecting technology in this sector.

Our expertise encompasses:


We have worked with inventions across the field of renewable technologies from offshore power generation to waste reduction and have successfully secured patent protection for many of our clients in this field over the years. Through working alongside our clients, we thus have an in-depth insight into many of the technologies under development for reducing water usage, energy consumption and environmental pollution. Read more.

Medical Devices

We have a significant knowledge of a wide range of medical devices including wound care and orthopaedic devices, where we can draw from experience in both the life sciences and engineering disciplines and from our industry experience working with FTSE100 companies in this field. We also advise start-ups and SMEs in this space with their business-critical IP. Read more.

Rail Engineering

Our attorneys can help obtain patent protection for rail engineering inventions. We are very familiar with the many subfields of rail engineering including mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. We have an extensive knowledge of track renewal and signalling methodologies. Read more.

Materials Science

We are experts in materials and their properties, including alloys, semiconductors, ceramics and nanomaterials such as graphene. Several of our attorneys have specialist expertise with such materials through their academic research activities. We have protected many materials related innovations, with our clients coming from a wide range of industries, such as healthcare and oil and gas, for our competence in ensuring patent protection for their inventions. Read more.

Oil and Gas Services

Our team has been intimately associated with invention harvesting and protection in the oil and gas industry, particularly offshore pipeline solutions and control systems. We have handled large patent portfolios, including many multi-jurisdiction patent families in the oil and gas field, and we have also been actively involved in various contentious matters. Read more.

Glass and Touchscreen Technology

We have a comprehensive understanding of glass technologies such as float glass, optical lenses and optoelectronics. We also have significant experience of working with world-leading businesses who manufacture capacitive touch screens and interactive displays and we have assisted these businesses in obtaining extensive worldwide patent portfolios in this field. Read more.


Our attorneys are familiar with a variety of manufacturing processes including additive manufacturing, forming processes, and manufacturing of subsea flexible pipes and semiconductor devices. We have assisted many of our clients with obtaining patent protection for their inventions in a multitude of manufacturing technologies and are well placed to provide astute advice on how to protect new methods of manufacture. Read more.

Toy and Sports Equipment Design and Manufacture

We have been involved in obtaining protection for clients in the sports equipment area for a number of years and have advised clients on potential infringement by third parties and the various strategies available to them. This expert insight enables us to provide practical and pragmatic advice to clients in this field. Read more.


Whether your business is a start-up or a long-standing company, if you are looking for advice on intellectual property relating to an engineering product or project, please get in touch. We will be happy to help.

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