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Electronics & ICT

Our perceptive technical expertise gives you the competitive edge.


Combining technical electronics and ICT knowledge with real-world experience

We have specialist knowledge in the Electronics and ICT sector gained through working with cutting-edge global corporations, leading academic institutions and other highly innovative businesses. Our technical knowledge is complemented by our expertise in a wide range of professional activities including invention harvesting and drafting, patent prosecution and defence of computer implemented inventions and conducting oral hearings in respect of complex subject matter.

Our highly qualified Electronics and ICT team has an in-depth knowledge relating to all types of data communication protocols and associated network architectures. We advise on all related aspects of intellectual property protection and enforcement, particularly in terms of the practical considerations of patenting inventions that rely heavily on software. Technically our team has notable expertise in software, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, wireless communication networks (past, present and future), the metaverse and other immersive technologies, quantum technologies, cybersecurity, Blockchain, robotics and FinTech.

Our technical reach covers:

Internet and Web-based Systems

Our ICT team has worked with many clients on web-based technologies, such as cloud computing, and has a thorough appreciation of the workings of the Internet ranging from its network architectures to its transmission protocols such as TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6. Our attorneys also recognise and understand the importance of Blockchain and cybersecurity to emerging Web3 technologies. Read more.

Medical Electronics

We have extensive experience in the field of medical electronics, having for many years assisted with patent prosecution and various freedom to operate assessments for different electronic medical devices, such as devices suitable for negative pressure wound therapy.  We are also experts in helping our clients understand the telehealth related patent landscape and advising on wearable technology. Read more.


Our attorneys have specialist technical knowledge in telecommunications, including handset and radio access control for the various telecommunication standards and the modulations and protocols used for data transmission. We have assisted clients with patent prosecution and third-party infringement opinions in this field for many years. By working closely with our clients on their technological innovations and comprehensive due diligence projects, we have gained an in-depth insight of various wireless technologies, including mobile-satellite communications, cellular technologies such as 4G and 5G, and the Internet of Things. Read more.

Quantum Technologies

We have attorneys who have worked extensively with quantum dots, quantum wells, resonant tunnelling diodes, graphene and other 2D materials in academia so our skill set includes an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practical application of various quantum technologies and their use for quantum information processing (QIP). Notable expertise in this field includes quantum cryptography, quantum computing and quantum materials. Read more.


Our attorneys have an in depth understanding of the complexities and distinctions involved with patenting software related inventions in different countries around the world. We have an extensive background of working with various types of software, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and have helped many of our clients obtain patent protection for inventions involving such software. Read more

Financial and Banking Systems

Having worked with a large multi-national corporation specialising in secure checkout machines for many years, we have a breadth of experience in the financial and banking sectors and have managed extensive patent portfolios in these fields. We have also assisted various FinTech start-ups interested in protecting UI based technology, big data and algorithm lead innovations. Read more.

Metaverse and Other Immersive Technologies

Our team has worked with various clients on augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies and thus has specialist knowledge which enables us to practically advise on how innovations in this field may best be protected. We also have a thorough appreciation of how these technologies may be applied to neighbouring technologies like the metaverse and digital twinning. Read more.


We have worked closely with clients that make use of robotic systems for a variety of applications such as medical robots for surgical procedures and thus have invaluable experience in this field. We are therefore proficient in providing shrewd patent advice relating to such technologies. Read more.


For advice on protecting your intellectual property, contact our experienced team.