Trade Marks

Realising exclusive rights for your brand

Exclusive rights worldwide

Are you looking to establish or develop a brand in the UK across Europe or worldwide? Alternatively, is a competitor’s actions diluting the strength of your brand? Our attorneys can provide expert advice to help protect your interests.

Establishing what is unique

A trade mark is a sign used by a business to help protect a brand and to distinguish their goods or services. Typically a trade mark will consist of a word or device (often referred to as a logo). More unusual signs, for example colours or sounds, can also function as trade marks.

Protecting your legal rights

Registration of a trade mark in a country provides an owner with the exclusive right to use that mark for the goods or services for which it has been registered in that country. Registration is a significant deterrent to other businesses and provides incontrovertible evidence of a claim to legal rights. Unregistered marks which have been used and which have acquired a reputation may also enjoy legal protection in a number of countries. However, it is typically easier to enforce a registered trade mark against unauthorised use.

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