Patent Filing & Prosecution

We help you succeed in the UK, across Europe and worldwide

Highly experienced

Our attorneys are highly experienced in the core disciplines of drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications in a wide range of technologies. We have worked with multi-national corporations, large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and academic institutions.

Identifying key factors

We recognise that identifying new inventions and suitably defining them in a patent specification at the outset can ultimately be the key to strong patent rights. But we tailor our approach to securing patent protection according to your wishes and commercial objectives - because your scenario is unique.

Every case is unique

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to navigate any potential pitfalls and exploit opportunities. We are well versed in representing clients at the UK Intellectual Property Office, European Patent Office and, via trusted overseas attorneys, national Patent Offices around the world.

An intimate knowledge

Our attorneys have an intimate knowledge of filing and prosecuting patent applications in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the European Patent Convention and many national patent laws. When necessary, we can represent your interests at hearings and other forms of oral proceedings.

  • We will help you to characterise new potential inventions and determine how best to protect them.
  • We will advise you on suitable filing strategies and draft patent specifications; we lodge these at appropriate patent offices.
  • We will work with you to determine the ongoing scope of protection and geographical coverage to maximise the value of any granted patents.

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