Establishing and maintaining protection for you

Expert guidance

Secerna can give you expert guidance on strategy, timing and costs to ensure that the designs of your products are protected in key markets.

Trusted overseas attorneys

As design registrations are territorial by nature, design protection may be required in different countries. Our attorneys are experienced in this field. We also work with trusted overseas agents to secure design protection the world over.

Maximising protection

Design laws have been established around the world to protect the look and shape of a product. In the UK, automatic protection may be available on the creation of any new design. However, not all countries acknowledge such rights and it is therefore advisable to take positive steps to register a design, as registered rights are generally easier to enforce. We can advise on which aspects of a product may be protectable and how those identified aspects may best be represented so as to maximise protection.

Securing your rights

Registered Designs are typically exclusive rights that protect the outward appearance of the whole or part of a product and which result from the features, such as the lines or contours, of the product itself and/or its ornamentation. We can assist in the filing of UK registered design applications, as well as Registered Community Design applications, which are single design registrations that cover multiple EU countries.

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