A to Z Services available at Secerna LLP

We have created a brief list of relevant topics of interest, the range of services we provide and how we can add value to your business.

Academic papers

The time to file a patent application before publicly presenting your academic research can be very tight. However we can help you with this.


Our Bio team has extensive experience in a wide range of matters such as biorenewable technology, biosimilar therapeutics, antibody technology, cell-based immunotherapy and plant biotechnology


We have a robust conflict checking system in place, the size and range of our clients ensures we can often be conflict free to accept work from new clients, unlike larger firms who are often conflicted out.


We support IP Inclusive and are keen to help promote diversity in our industry and firm.


We regularly deal with innovations relating to the relationship between electricity and identifiable chemical change and have helped clients in this area.

Financial and banking systems

We have many clients in the anti counterfeiting and FinTech fields; to see how we can help contact one of our specialists.


Many of our attorneys and technical assistants have specialist knowledge in the field of geophysics and associated effects ranging from tidal to atmospheric to radioactivity issues.

High value biologics

High cost biologic therapies are emerging targeted at increasingly common diseases. Our attorneys advise on the protection and enforcement of associated patent rights.


Managing the transfer of ownership of IP assets during insolvency is tricky yet important to get right to ensure your assets are not lost; we can help you with this.

Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFETs)

Field effect transistors are unipolar devices. In a junction field effect transistor (JFET) a controlling voltage determines current flow through a channel. Our patent experts have decades of experience between them working in the field of semiconductor devices and their uses.


Kinematics helps describe the motion of multi link systams such as engines and robots. Our attorneys can help prepare and file patent applications in the field.

Laser Technologies

Inventions relating to laser scanning, laser cutting and lasers used for optical communication can all be protected. Contact us to find out how.

Managing cases

We invest in the latest technology to ensure we provide the very best in case management systems to protect your assets and ensure all deadlines are met.

Nucleic Acid Technology

We have extensive experience in the field of nucleic acid technology such as aptamer generation and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Preparing and filing Oppositions against grant of patents can be costly and stressful, we have various strategies in place to minimise such concerns. Call one of our experts to discuss how we can help avoid or manage the process.

Patent Mapping

Patent mapping or patent landscaping as it is sometimes known is a key tool when monitoring your competitor's rights and planning your budgets, we can assist you in achieving your monitoring and planning goals.

Qubits and Quantum Computers

A Qubit or quantum bit is a fundamental unit of quantum information. It is a random superposed state of a two state quantum system. Our attorneys advise on the protection and enforcement of quantum computer related technology.


Research and Development (R&D) can be a costly and time consuming business, we can help you plan your budget spend on protecting the fruits of your labours.

Strategic planning

IP strategy can help you future proof your business, regular review meetings can be made part of our client care program to maximise the benefits of any opportunity.


We value our customers opinions and regularly ask them for feedback, we are happy to share some of the feedback we get with you to help you choose the right patent attorney for you and your business.


We spend time getting to know our clients, their products, markets and competitors to ensure we give them added value at all times.

Virtual Reality Systems

Our attorneys are active in the fields of augmented reality and mixed reality and can help you protect developments in the fields of auditory feedback, VR headsets and kinaesthetic communication/3D touch.


We are keen to streamline the protection pipeline for you and can offer workshops for your in-house team to ensure a fast and effective process between our specialists and your decision makers.

X-rated Prior Art Analysis

Sometimes a key prior art disclosure come to light. These can seem threatening but our attorneys are skilled at analysing highly technical disclosures and spotting key distinguishing features to help you secure commercially valuable rights.


Where our head office is located, feel free to come and visit us for an informal chat regarding your IP needs. It's also a beautiful place to visit, just check the races are not on that day as traffic and accommodation can be a nightmare.

Zigbee and Z-Wave Technologies

The Zigbee protocol helps communicate data wirelessly and can support mesh networks. Our patent specialists advise on many forms and aspects of wireless communication including polar channel coding and network slicing.

For more information about our experience or to discuss your Intellectual Property needs, contact us.