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Secerna Unveils New Website and Email Addresses!

News 19/07/2024

We're excited to announce a fresh look for Secerna online! As of August 1st, 2024, you'll find us at our brand new home: SECERNA.COM.

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Secerna Celebrates All Three Of This Year’S Candidates Passing The Eqes!
News, Team news, Careers 02/07/2024

Secerna celebrates all three of this year’s candidates passing the EQEs!

Matthew Feuer Image
Team news, Careers 30/01/2024

Matthew Feuer in profile

Team news, Careers 07/08/2023

Jay Ruaux in profile

Team news, Careers 20/06/2023

Grace Holliday in profile

GB1 7522 Holly Image 1
Team news, Careers 07/03/2023

Holly Smith in profile

Team news, Careers 22/12/2022

Niamh Crabtree in profile

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